Year of establishment : 1974

  • Faculty

    Sl.No. Name/Phone No./E-mail Designation Qualification Field of Specialization
    1. Prof. Vaijinath Chickbase
    Associate Professor and Head M.A (Ph.D) History
    2. Prof. Arunkumar Jowli
    Associate Professor M.A History
    3. Mrs. Lakshmi Kumbaar
    Assistant Professor M.A, B.Ed History
  • Result



    Pass Percentage

    2012-13 76 100%
    2013-14 81 98%
    2014-15 83 98%
    2015-16 58 95%
    2016-17 88 97%
  • Research Activities By Staff

    Year Title of the Seminar/Conference/Workshop Funding Agency Grant Received(Rs.)
    2013-14 One Day Workshop Self Financed 20.00 Thousand
    2016-17 Two day workshop Shilpa kala academic,Bengaluru 20.00 Thousand
  • Infrastructure (Including ICT)

    • Library Resources:
           Departmental Library: 150 books
           Central Library: 1919 books
           e-Resources: CDs,DVDs,PPT.
           Journal of Democracy
           Online Journals through INFLIBNET NLIST
    • Internet facilites : Available
    • Class rooms with ICT facility: 01
  • Research Activities/Enrichment Programs By Students

    Year Title of the Programme Name of the Resource Person(External)
    2013-14 Special Lecture Prof. B. P. Hoogar, Principal, Govt. College, Gulbarga
    2014-15 Special Lecture Dr. Indumati P. Patil, HOD, Dept. of History, Govt. College, Kalaburagi
    2015-16 Special Lecture Dr. Indumati P. Patil, HOD, Dept. of History, Govt. College, Kalaburagi
    2016-17 Defence as a Profession Special Talk Major Abdul Hameed, Military Camp, Pune
    2016-17 Infilbnet Facility and use of Online Journals By History Students Dr. Somnath Mudda, Librarian, Karnatak College, Bidar
    2016-17 Historia Movie Fest Dr. Mallikarjun Hangarge, Assosiate Professor Karnatak College Bidar
    Dr. B. S. Biradar Principal Karnatak College Bidar
    2016-17 Necessity of History via Skype Programe Dr. S. C. Sharma, Rani Durga Devi University, Jabalpur – MP
    2016-17 Chtrapathi Shivaji Maharaj And his Achivements Dr. Shashi Shekhar Reddy Govt. first grade college , Sedam
    2016-17 Freedom Moment in India From 1919-1947 Dr. Shrishel Biradar Nrupatanga college ,Sedam
    2016-17 Russian Revolution 1917 Dr. S.S. Sarvodaya Govt. College, Kalburgi.
  • Seminar/Workshop/Conference Attended/Presented(2012-13 to 2015-16

    International National State Total
    Attended -- 02 -- 02
    Presented -- -- -- --
    Total -- 02 -- 02
  • Future Plans

    2017-18 To establish history museum in college
    2018-19 MoU with archeological survey of India to foster research activities
    2019-20 To organize Workshop on Techniques in Historical Survey
    2020-21 Preprartion of local tour reference manual
    2021-22 Digitazation of old historial manscripts in association with Computer Science Department